Jade Heart

The West Coast Premiere of
Jade Heart
By Will Cooper
Directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
Jul 11 – Aug 10, 2014

Dana Wing Lau – Jade McCullough
Julie Sachs – Brenda McCullough
Dana Byrne – China Mom, Mu Chang, Chinese Woman 1
Albert Park – Mr. Wong, Tour Director, Duan Chengshi
Joyce Lai – Mei Vlackmore, Liu Rushi, Chinese Woman 2, Care Giver

Production and Artistic Staff
Scenic Designer – Natalie Khuen
Costume Designer – Emily Smith
Lighting Designer – Sherrice Kelly
Sound Designer – Emily Jankowski
Properties Designer – Angelica Ynfante
Dramaturg – Erica Paulson
Stage Manager – Nicole Ries
Press Assosicate – Alejandra Enciso
Press & Marketing – Nancy Richards
Techical Directior – Andy Scrimger, Volume 11
Scenic Construction – Chuck Ramsey
Scenic Painter – Kari Arrasmith
Assistant Stage Manager/Dresser – Christine Nathanson
Production Assistant – Toviya Trejo

Venue: MOXIE Theatre