Gibson Girl

The World Premiere of
Gibson Girl
by Kirsten Greenidge
Directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
April 14 – 30, 2006

Reviews: “While some would call it a play in progress, I suggest that it is much closer to a play ready for the stage. The multi-scene set-ups in the first act, at times, prove confusing. Once the mist clears, however, Gibson Girl’s twists and turns have an interesting, if convoluted, logic.”


Win – Che Lyons
Ruth – Yolanda Franklin
Valeria – Kaja Peters
Nelson – Laurence Brown
Nia – Monique Gaffney
Ladell – Mark Christopher Lawrence
JC – Anthony Drummond
Mademoiselle – June Christina Rogers
Aunt Thelma – Sylvia M’Lafi Thompson

Production & Artistic Staff
Scenic Designer: Jerry Sonnenberg
Costume Designer: Jennifer Eve Thorn
Lighting Designer: Jeff Fightmaster
Sound Designer: Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
Videographer: Jerry Sonnenberg
Properties Design: Jo Anne Glover & Liv Kellgren
Technical Director: Laura McEntyre
Stage Manager: Rachel Wohlander
Photographer: Coast Highway Photography
House Manager: Missy Bradstreet
Sound Board Operator: Rob Norton
Box Office: MOXIE Staff

Venue: The Diversionary Theatre