Yoga Play

By Dipika Guha
Directed by Callie Prendiville
May 5 – June 2, 2019

About the Play: Yoga apparel giant Jojomon is at the top of its game when a terrible scandal sends them into freefall. Newly hired CEO Joan stakes everything on a wild plan to recover their earnings and their reputation. YOGA PLAY is a comedy about enlightenment in a world determined to sell it.

Joan – Jo Anne Glover
Fred – Albert Park
Raj – Sri Chilukuri
Romola/Ensemble – Tamara Rodriguez
Bernard/Ensemble – Matthew Salazar-Thompson

Creative and Technical Team
Director – Callie Prendiville
Stage Manager – Alyssa Swann
Scenic Designer – Divya Murthy
Costume Designer – Danita Lee
Lighting Designer – Christopher Renda
Sound Designer – Matt Lescault-Wood
Prop Designer – Angelica Ynfante
Assistant Stage Manager – Melissa Ballard
Assistant Lighting Designer – Daniel Worlds
Scenic Design Intern – Alyssa Kane


By Grace McLeod
Directed by Jennifer Eve Thorn
January 20 – February 17, 2019

About the Play: Jean is not moving into a retirement home. She recruits her best friends who are also in their 70s and a high school intern to hatch a bold plan for a Utopian alternative. Formerly the domain of a locally famous Bruce Springsteen cover band, Jean’s garage becomes the stage for a hilarious story about growing into yourself and getting what you want.

Jean – Rhona Gold
Natalie – Christine Cervas Nathanson
Terry – Loie Gail
Louise – Jill Drexler
Becca – Meg Stoll Tron
Creative and Technical Team
Director – Jennifer Eve Thorn
Scenic Design – Julie Lorenz
Costume Design – Anastasia Puatova
Lighting Design – Ashley Bietz
Sound Design – Lily Voon
Prop Design – Angelica Ynfante
Scenic Charge Artist – Julie Lorenz
Stage Manager – Megan Ames
Technical Director – Rogelio Rosales


By Tanya Saracho
Directed by Maria Patrice Amon
October 14 – November 11, 2018

About the Play: From the writer of the hit STARZ TV series, “Vida,” comes a play about…writing for TV. Lucia was born in Mexico and is the newest writer for a Hollywood TV Drama. When Lucia meets Abel, the Mexican-American custodian at her office, she jumps to conclusions. As their friendship grows, his ideas blur with hers which leads to unexpected consequences.

Lucia – Sofia Sassone
Abel – Javier Guerrero

Creative and Production Team
Director – Maria Patrice Amon
Assistant Director – Elizabeth Uribe
Assistant Director – Vanessa Duron
Scenic Designer – Kristen Flores
Costume Designer – Carmen Amon
Sound Designer – Lily Voon
Lighting Designer – Mextly Almeda
Prop Designer – Angelica Ynfante
Technical Director – Scott Amiotte
Stage Manager – Jessamyn Foster

Voyeurs de Venus

By Lydia Diamond
Directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
August 12 – September 9, 2018

About the Play: They called her The Hottentot Venus, but she had a name. Based in part on the unbelievable true story of Saartje Baartman, an indigenous woman from southern Africa woman who was captured and displayed on the streets of 19th-century London and Paris. Fast forward to the turn of the millennium in Chicago. Pop-culture expert, Sara Washington, is offered the book deal of a lifetime if she’s willing to tell Saartjie’s story. As bizarre dreams and the ghost of Saartjie come to life, Sara is tempted by more than fame and fortune. A provocative, profound, and unapologetically funny tale race, class, and gender.

Sara Washington – Cashae Monya
Saartjie Baartman – Joy Yvonne Jones
James Bradford/Georges Cuvier – Justin Lang
James Booker – Cortez Johnson
William Bullock/Carl Richards – Max Macke
Alexander Dunlop – Fred Harlow
Millicent Ducent/Becky/Dancer – Nancy Ross
Dance Captain – Lesa M. Green
Dancer – Jocelynn Johnston
Dancer – Ashley Stewart

Production and Creative Team
Director – Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
Choreographer – Michael Mizerany
Scenic Designer – Justin Humphres
Costume Designer – Shelly Williams
Lighting Designer – Nate Parde
Sound Designer – Matt Lescault-Wood
Props Designer – Angelica Ynfante
Wigs Designer – Missy Bradstreet
Technical Director – Scott Amiotte
Stage Manager – Nicole Ries
Assistant Stage Manager – Megan Ames
Scenic Charge Artist – Alondra Velez
Production Assistant – Moira Zerbe
Assistant Director – Christine Nathanson
Dramaturg – Yi-Lin Eli Chung

The Madres

By Stephanie Alison Walker
Directed by Maria Patrice Amon & Jennifer Eve Thorn
May 13 – June 10, 2018

About the Play: Josefina’s daughter, Carolina, has been protesting in the plaza again. If Carolina keeps wearing the white scarf and searching for her own missing daughter, Belen, they’ll all be in danger. An award-winning and empowering new play about three generations of women based on the true story of the “Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo,” who searched for their missing loved ones during 1979’s “Dirty War” in Argentina.

Josefina – Maria Gonzalez
Padre Juan – John Padilla
Carolina – Sandra Ruiz
Diego the Soldier – Markuz Rodriguez
Desaparecida – Laura Jimenez

Creative and Technical Team
Director – Maria Patrice Amon
Director – Jennifer Eve Thorn
Scenic Designer – Alondra Velez
Costume Designer – Danita Lee
Lighting Designer – Alex Crocker
Sound Designer – Haley Wolf
Props Designer – Angelica Ynfante
Stage Manager – Megan Ames
Assistant Stage Manager – Danielle Dudley
Technical Director – Cynthia Bloodgood
Scenic Charge Artist – Julie Lorenz
Dramaturg – Yi-Lin Eli Chung

Bliss (or Emily Post is Dead!)

By Jami Brandli
Directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
January 28 – February 25, 2018

About the Play: Its 1960 in North Orange, NJ. Clytemnestra and Madea are housewives with a pill addiction, and Antigone is the teenage girl next door. Will they follow Emily Post’s famous guide to etiquette or will Cassandra, a black working girl, determined to break the curse of Apollo, convince them they now have a choice?

The Diary of Anne Frank

By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Newly Adapted by Wendy Kesselman
Directed by Kym Pappas
November 12 – December 17, 2017

About the Play: Anne Frank emerges from history in this powerful new adaptation as a living and impassioned young girl on the edge of womanhood. Anne confronts the horror of her time with honesty, determination, and hope. One of the most moving true stories ever told, Anne’s diary speaks today as clearly as ever and holds a message for all generations.

Anne – Katelyn Katz
Peter – Nick Lux
Margot – Amy Perkins
Mr. Kraler – Austin Wright
Mr. Dussel – Joe Paulson
Mrs. Van Daan – Holly Stephenson
Mr. Van Daan – Jonathan Sachs
Otto Frank – Eddie Yaroch
Edith Frank – Wendy Waddell
Miep – Jamie Channell
Nazi – Malcolm Wilson
Nazi – Gavin Ayers
Nazi – Andrew Sharp

Creative and Production Team
Director – Kym Papaas
Dramaturg – Eli Chung
Scenic Designer – Sean Fanning
Costume Designer – Jennifer Brawn Gittings
Sound Designer – Lily Voon
Lighting Designer – Christopher Renda
Prop Designer – Angelica Ynfante
Technical Director – Cynthia Bloodgood
Stage Manager – Jessamyn Foster
Assistant Stage Manager – Malcolm Wilson