How to Watch Virtual Theatre

Congratulations, you’re an Arts Patron Pioneer!

It’s nearly time to watch MOXIE’s next virtual production and you already have ticket(s). Great job!

You will receive an email directly from Zoom with a link to a “webinar” 24 hours before your selected performance and then another reminder 1 hour before. If you don’t see it, please look for a message from MOXIE Theatre <> – and don’t forget to check your spam folder as well.

Why does MOXIE stream their production at scheduled times and not send the link out for you to watch whenever you want?

Two reasons:

1. It costs more to provide a show on-demand and artists don’t get that money. Streaming companies do. That’s not cool.

2. We make live theatre. That’s tough to do right now but what we CAN do is bring people together from around the world at the same time to watch and discuss theatre together. That’s building community. That’s cool.

Why does MOXIE use Zoom to stream?

By selecting a platform most of our audiences are familiar with, MOXIE removes one more barrier to accessing the arts. That’s extra cool.

How to Watch

All you’ll have to do is click on the link that says “Click Here to Join” in that email from Zoom. If you didn’t receive your 24 hour notice, please check your junk mail and let us know if you need it resent. Your camera and microphone will be disabled so stay in those sweatpants. We can’t see you!

A few suggestions to improve your viewing experience

  • Plan to get your computer ready by powering it down and restarting it 15 minutes or so before you watch. Doing this will close unnecessary applications that can slow down your streaming. Things like Outlook, Spotify, Slack, or even having several browser pages open can all affect your internet speed so close em’ down if you can!
  • Select somewhere you can keep your computer plugged in as you watch. Your screen will be brighter and you won’t run out of battery just when we get to the good part!
  • Tell the other people in your home to avoid streaming anything online while you watch (if you can). People watching Netflix or YouTube on another computer could cause delays in your viewing, depending on your internet speed.
  • Get a snack from your kitchen, a beverage, and get comfortable at home before you log on.
  • If you’re tech-savvy and want to consider watching on a larger screen, here’s some information on getting Zoom on your TV or a video tutorial that could show you how to set it up.

We look forward to seeing you in our Virtual Theatre soon!