The Bechdel Brigade


MOXIE Launches Lesbian Outreach Initiative
Bechdel Brigade Advocates for Female Theatre Makers

MOXIE Theatre unleashes the powerful force of The Bechdel Brigade, a task force of women supporting women’s voices. See below for upcoming Brigade events! MOXIE is proud to announce the formation of a new and powerful group of lesbian community leaders uniting to increase awareness and support for female playwrights and directors and sponsored by the Dea and Osborn Hurston Audience Engagement  The Bechdel Brigade will act as advocates for MOXIE’s mission to create more diverse and powerful images of women for our culture, and bring women together to fight for equal representation on the American Stage by supporting San Diego’s only theatre dedicated to producing women’s work.

allison_bechdelThe Brigade is named after Alison Bechdel, the American Cartoonist and creator of Dykes to Watch Out For  which coined the Bechdel-Wallace Test, a is widely respected way of evaluating whether works of fiction give fair representation to women. Bechdel’s graphic memoir, Fun Home, was recently turned into a Tony Award-Winning Musical on Broadway. Now the Brigade borrows her name as a rallying cry to support women’s voices in theatre and in turn, to inspire women to use their voices in their community.

Bechdel Brigade Chair, Toni Robin of TR/PR Public Relations, is proud to spearhead the task force. I’ve been a fan of MOXIE Theatre since the four amazing women founded it in 2004 and have admired their efforts to present honest and diverse women’s voices on stage. This is a great opportunity for me to give back for all the great theatre I’ve enjoyed. There is something special about seeing ourselves represented on stage, behind the scenes or in the audience. Our goal with this effort is to expand all three. And who better to honor with this initiative than Alison Bechdel? She’d be a great MOXIE girl!”

Want in on The Brigdae? Contact or call 858-598-7620

Upcoming Brigade Events

MOXIE passed the Bechdel Test!

Our Bechdel Brigade launch party was a huge success! Brigadiers were invited to a preview performance of BLUE DOOR at MOXIE Theatre on February 3, 2017 and enjoyed a pre-show reception and private meet and greet with the director. Photos from the event below!