MOXIE Theater will be holding auditions on March 27 from 6:30 to 10:00 PM for their 2017/2018 season. You can submit a resume and digital head shot, along with what role you would like to be considered for to and we will assign you a time slot. Please be aware that priority is given to actors who fit the types we’re looking for.

Character Breakdowns

(The plays for next season will not be announced until May, until then the character names will remain anonymous)

Character 1: White/Female/14-16 Outspoken teenage girl wise beyond her years.

Character 2: White/Male/40’s Practical father with a sense of humor who leads with love and strength.

Character 3: White/Female/40’s Mother: reserved, nervous and critical; she wants the best for her family.

Character 4: White/Female/16 Teenage girl who is intelligent and modest, lovely yet frail. 

Character #5: White/Female/40’s Proud business man and father who has lost everything making him irritated and restless.

Character #6: White/Female/40’s Elegant mother who is strained by sacrifice and stress; she is chatty, temperamental and vain.

Character #7: White/Male/16-17 Shy, timid and awkward but introspective and honest.

Character #8: White/Male/50’s Fussy man with little patience who is difficult to get along with.   

Character #9: White/Female/30’s A worldly brave woman who is dedicated to a cause and her friends.

Character #10: White/Male/40’s-50’s A dignified private man who is courageous and humble.

Character #11: White/Female/ 30’s Mother; witty, strong headed and desperately wants a divorce from her cheating husband.

Character #12: Mixed Race White and Hawaiian/Female/30’s Mother; proper housewife; plays the ukulele. 

Character #13: White/Female/16 lives with over protective uncle; polite, compassionate and a progressive thinker. 

Character #14: Black/Female/20’s Working woman; fearful yet determined and unapologetic.

Character #15: Any Race/Male/20’s or 30’s playing three characters, one of whom is a god. Must be comfortable in a loin cloth.

Character #16: Any Race/Male/Late 30’s-40’s American Postal Worker; a ladies’ man, but longs to have someone to take care of who will be there.

Character #17: White/Male/30’s From a Slavic Country, speaks with an accent; plays the harmonica well.

Character #18: Any Race/Male/18-20’s Student who is a hustler but attends a Fancy High School; has a kind soul.

Character #19: Latina/Female/60’s Grandmother; spirited, proud and passionate woman who is an excellent baker.

Character #20: Latina/Female/40’s Mother who is action driven; she is outspoken, strong, and a risk taker.

Character #21: Latina/Female/20’s Daughter; Sensitive and newly married, she is a pregnant student who will do what she needs to do in order to survive.  

Character #22: Latino/Male/20’s  Soldier in a Military dictatorship; shy but will use his power to intimidate others and do his duty.

Character #23: Latino/Male/60’s A Catholic Priest in his 60’s who works for a Military school; sensitive and conflicted; protects his life-long friends but does his duty without question.

Character #24: Any Race/Female/30’s A professional, polished woman. Always looks ahead and never loses control of her life.

Character #25: Any Race/Male/30’s Willing to make sacrifices for the happiness of his wife.

Character #26: Any Race/Male/50’s to 60’s Talkative, always friendly and positive.

Character #27: Any Race/Female/20’s Somewhat naive, and always anxious.

Character #28: Any Race/Female/20’s or 30’s Caring, and understanding.

Character #29: Any Race/Female/50’s or 60’s Straightforward, but kind.