Monday, June 4 at Moxie Theatre 6:30pm to 10:00pm.

Moxie is especially looking to cast:

LatinX Men & Women age 20s-40s
Women of any race/ethnicity age 50s – 70s
White men 40s
Indian American (Asian Indian) Men 20s-40s

Email audition request to:
No phone submissions, please. Please include in your submission any and all times that will work for you to be seen on Monday
June 4 from 6:30pm-10pm. Please include a digital copy of your headshot and resume.

Submission does not guarantee an audition slot as priority will be given to actors who fit the
types above. All other actors will be seen based on availability.

Auditions will be held at Moxie Theatre:
6663 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92115

Callbacks will be held later in June on a date, time, and location to be determined.


By Tanya Saracho
Director- Patrice Amon
1st Rehearsal: September 11, 2018
RUN: October 14, 2018- November 11, 2018

Mexican-born Lucia is hired to write for a ruthless Hollywood TV series. She soon discovers that the
Mexican American custodian, Abel, has a windfall of plot ideas. As their friendship grows, his stories
start to blur with hers leading to unexpected consequences.

LUCIA: 28, Mexican-born, acculturated. A "Fresa", an Americanized Mexican who navigates the code-
switching between Spanish and English as well as the rest of her (globalized) generation. (This is the
“Tuitear” and”Googolear” Generation.) New to LA and to the hectic world of TV writing.
ABEL: Early 30’s, Mexican-American but quite Mexicanized. Born and raised in LA, proud of his
Mexican heritage. Ex-Marine & fire fighter, raising a 6 year old daughter on his own.

By Grace McLoed
Director- Jennifer Eve Thorn
1st Rehearsal: December 18, 2018
RUN: January 20, 2018 – February 17, 2018 (possible extension: 2/21/18-2/24/18)

Jean is in her seventies and she’s not moving into a retirement home. She remodels her garage, recruits
her two best friends and high school intern, Natalie, to design a bold plan for a utopian alternative.
Formerly the domain of a locally famous Bruce Springsteen cover band, Jean’s garage becomes the stage
for a hilarious story about growing into yourself, speaking out and getting what you want.

JEAN – early 70s. Unable to stay still and always eager to learn and try new things. Her relentless
earnestness and ability to see the best in others can be both endearing and frustrating.
LOUISE – early 70s. The snarky town gossip. Loveable, charismatic, and above all, she is loyal to the
end. Afraid of silence more than anything else.
TERRY – early 70s. Stoic, composed. Always listening. When she speaks, people hang onto her every
word. Authoritative when she wants to be.
BECCA – mid-late 20s. Unabashedly queer. She has tattoos, piercings, and all the hallmarks of being
“bad.” Enviably comfortable and at ease with herself.

By Dipika Guha
Director- Callie Prendiville Johnson
First Rehearsal: April 1, 2019
Run: May 5, 2019 – June 2, 2019
Yoga apparel giant Jojomon are at the top of their game when a terrible scandal sends them into freefall.
Newly hired CEO Joan stakes everything on a wild plan to recover their earnings and their reputation.
YOGA PLAY is a comedy about enlightenment in a world determined to sell it.

RAJ– mid-thirties, South-Asian, American; Graduated from Harvard Business Law School and is the
Chief Operating Officer of Jojomon.
ROMOLA -mid- twenties, Latina, American; hipster Yoga instructor. Must be a strong Character Actor,
will be playing various roles with different dialects.
GURUJI– early forties-early fifties, White Male; Guru who has been living in a cave in the Himalayas.
Must be a strong Character Actor, will be playing various roles with different dialects.