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| Murder in the Zoom Room


|  Thu 5/28 @ 7:30 pm

|  Fri 5/29 @ 8 pm

|  Sat 5/30 – SOLD OUT

|  Sun 5/31 @ 2 pm


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If you wish to attend multiple performances, please submit multiple reservations. Only one reservation is needed per household.

Once you submit your RSVP, you will receive an email message with the ZoomFest link and instructions on how to connect.

For any questions, contact us at boxoffice@moxietheatre.com or by phone at (858) 598 7620.


What is ZoomFest?

A series of live performances streamed online using the Zoom Video Conference App. Once you log on, your Virtual Host will make sure you can see and hear us, but we can’t hear or see you. The performances are live, the actors are professional and the experience is remarkable!

ZoomFest is ongoing and will continue for as long as there is a need for it. In these trying times, we want ZoomFest to bring a bit of comfort to audiences everywhere, so as long as people keep tuning in, sending play submissions, making donations, spreading the word, we will keep ZoomFest going. Every week we will add a new play and phase one out. The situation is so quickly and constantly changing that what is relevant one week seems to be already obsolete the next. We will do our best to keep addressing themes that are relevant to the moment we are living in right now.




ZoomFest Show #8

Murder In The Zoom Room

Join MOXIE  for an unforgettable interactive Zoom Murder Mystery show!
Reserve Your Spot

| Thursday, May 28 @ 7:30 pm
| Friday, May 29 @ 8 pm
| Saturday, May 30 – SOLD OUT
| Sunday, May 31 @ 2 pm

by Jo Anne Glover, Delicia Turner Sonnenberg and Jennifer Eve Thorn (also directing)

Starring: Andréa Agosto, Vanessa Duron, Stephen Elton, Jo Anne Glover, Phillip Magin, Patrick Mayuyu, and Callie Prendiville.

Special Guest Appearances
Dr. Lynne Thrope and John & Mary Ann Rodarte

About: During a virtual gala for a fictional fundraiser, participants begin disappearing. But who is the culprit? Is it the world famous choreographer, the rapper, the movie star, or the scientist? Audience will have to work together to figure out who the murderer is and hopefully escape zoom with their lives!

Run time: 30 minutes


Where can I find the Zoom meeting link?

RSVP to Get the Zoom link

Once you submit your reservation, you will receive an email message with the ZoomFest link and log in instructions. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please search your inbox and spam folder for a message from devo@moxietheatre.com. If you still can’t find it – or for any other issue – contact us at boxoffice@moxietheatre.com or by phone at (858) 598 7620.

How much are the tickets?

ZoomFest is a pay-what-you-can event. We appreciate you considering making a donation of ANY amount to MOXIE instead of buying a ticket. You choose the price so choose something nice :slightly_smiling_face:

DONATE by card  on VENMO on Paypal  

Adjust your Zoom settings

To fully enjoy the performance you will need to  adjust the settings on the Zoom app so you can only see the performers, and not the whole audience. Here are the instructions on how to do it. And if you are not sure whether the Zoom app will work on your device, you can take this test.

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ZoomFest Show #7

Insert Your Opinion Here

We’re kicking it up a notch! This week on ZoomFest MOXIE is presenting a choose-your-own-adventure style performance. Are you ready to give your opinion?

Written and directed by Callie Prendiville
Starring: Samantha Ginn
Featuring: Justine Sombilon

About: Join San Diego favorite Samantha Ginn as she stars in this new play about a professor in an online course that goes off the rails. But there’s a twist: audiences will be able to vote throughout the performance and dictate which direction the story takes. Don’t miss this ground-breaking new ZoomFest production. Every time you watch is different!

Run time: 30 minutes


ZoomFest Show #6

Live N’ Silly – A kids show

MOXIE is presenting two new Zoom Plays for kids under 12…and the adults who love them! Join us on ZoomFest for some entertainment for the whole family.
Run time: 40 minutes

Nana’s Theatre Spectacular

Written and directed by Patrice Amon
Starring: Lettie De Anda, Archer Gonzales, and Julianna Stephanie Ojeda
About: A short play with puppets and music about a grandmother who reaches across the internet to share a special tale with her daughter and grandson about the power of being half bear.

The Best Sandwich in the World

by Emma Nickel and Nancy Ross
Directed by Nancy Ross
Anthony Donovan, Christine Lindgren, Kevin Lindgren, Nancy Ross, Jennifer Thorn, and Penny Thorn
About: Join Miss Nuna and a rag tag bunch of puppets (from earth and beyond) as they attempt to make the best sandwich in the world before the timer runs out.

ZoomFest Show #5

Essential Voices

MOXIE is proud to honor the brave individuals who are making sacrifices and taking risks in order to provide us all with healthcare and other essential services. The two short plays in this show are based on interviews with women working in delivery, at the checkout counter, and in the Emergency Room. Don’t miss their true stories. Our gratitude goes out to all of the essential workers on the front lines – thank you!
Run time: 40 minutes

Positive Exposure

The real story of an ER Nurse

Directed by Jennifer Eve Thorn
Kym Pappas and Li-Anne Rowswell
About: A California ER Nurse takes us inside the Emergency Room to reveal the truth about working during Covid-19.

Put Your Records On

by Vanessa Duron

Directed by Andréa Agosto
Shellina Hefner, Joy Yvonne Jones, Ariella Kvashny, and Carla Navarro
About: Four friends raise a glass and shake their ass, because it’s hard out there for a sister on the front lines.

ZoomFest Show #4

Screen Romance

Another double feature on ZoomFest, this time addressing the trials and tribulations of dating in the time of COVID.
Run time: 40 minutes

Zooming for Love

by Sandra de Helen
Directed by Jennifer Eve Thorn
Starring: Loie Gail and M Susan Peck
About: Gin and Judy are of a certain age but that doesn’t mean they’ll let a quarantine or computer hackers stop them from finding love online.

Jay and Emma in Space

by Jennifer Eve Thorn
Directed by Vanessa Duron
Starring: Javier Guerrero and Sandra Ruiz
Perhaps inside the four walls of their screen, they’ll crack the code of blind dates.

ZoomFest Show #3

I Lost My Mind in San Francisco

by Grace McLeod
Directed by Jennifer Eve Thorn

Starring: Veronica Burgess, MOXIE Co-Founder Jo Ann Glover, and Sara Karpicus Violet.
About: On lockdown in a one bedroom studio and in desperate need of marriage counseling, Amy and Jill set up an appointment with a marriage counselor. Jill has locked herself in the bathroom and is Zooming from the bathtub, Amy is in the “living room” on her own laptop and their therapist is in hell. A hilarious look at the cost of too much time with the one you love.
Run time: 30 minutes

ZoomFest Show #2

Boom-llennial 2 Plays about 2 Generations

The second show in ZoomFest is a double feature! Two mini-plays about family relations and generational divide.
Run time: 40 minutes

Zuzu’s Petals 

Written and Directed by Callie Prendiville
Starring: Nicole Monet and Mark Petrich.
About: Zuzu is recently single and navigating solo-quarantining. She and her grandad reach across the internet. This is a small story about big love.

Zoom Mediation in Pandemic Times

by Stephanie Alison Walker
Directed by Jennifer Eve Thorn
Starring: Melissa Fernandes, Rhona Gold, and Markuz Rodriguez.
About: An attorney suddenly home schooling two kids mediates between her Baby Boomer mother and Millennial cousin over a social media dispute.



ZoomFest Show #1

Cast of Safe Distance

Safe Distance

Written and Directed by Jennifer Eve Thorn

Starring: Andréa Agosto, Jill Drexler, Timothy L. Cabal and Matthew Salzar-Thompson

About: Safe Distance is a peek into the video conference meeting of fictional pressed juice company “Getting Fresh?” as they navigate quarantine, company secrets and how the hell to mute and un-mute yourself.

Run time: 30 minutes



Would you like to be a part of ZoomFest?

Safe Distance is the first in an on-going series of short original plays set in Zoom Video Meetings and written for MOXIE’s ZoomFest.

Want to submit your own original play set in a Zoom Meeting for MOXIE’s ZoomFest?

  • Write a play (20 pages or less) that is set in a Zoom Meeting in the present time
  • Submit your play to submissions@moxietheatre.com
  • Get paid 10% of the proceeds from your script once it’s performed

Want to perform in ZoomFest?

  • Send an email to submissions@moxietheatre.com with your headshot and resume
  • Meet for a couple short rehearsals on Zoom in the 2 weeks leading up to your performance
  • Get paid 10% of the proceeds from your performances