In the News

In the News

We’re honored our organization is receiving recognition in both national and local media. Catch up with MOXIE in the news.

Audiences are raving about Ruthless! playing through Aug 7, 2016 at MOXIE!

Enjoy this interview with MOXIE’s Artistic Director, Delicia Tuner Sonnenberg!

San Diego Union-Tribune
Craig Noel  award nominees names
Critics Circle announces field for annual celebration honoring local local theaters and artists
MOXIE Theatre nominate for 6 San Diego Critic’s Circle Awards. Read More


San Diego Union-Tribune
In theatre, women fight to get voices heard

National numbers still disappointing for female artists, but San Diego stage scene offers cause for optimism 
by James Hebert
“Looking at the overall progress made, Delicia Turner Sonnenberg — who co-founded the pioneering Moxie in 2004 and is its longtime artistic director — can’t help but feel encouraged.” Read More


American Theatre Magazine
The Unsung Gender-Parity Warriors
Theatres that continue to program male-dominated seasons deserve scrutiny. But what about the many companies that are trying to get the balance right?
by Suzy Evans
“The theatres that most often are left out of the gender-parity discussion, ironically, are the female-identity-focused theatres—Women’s Project Theater and New Georges in New York, Moxie Theatre in San Diego, Calif., or the Tennessee Women’s Theater Project. Although these theatres all share a mission to create professional opportunities for women in the theatre, they also serve as a crucial launchpad for female-identified artists and an important entryway to the “pipeline” for female-authored work.” Read More