COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates




We are deeply grateful for the many of you who showed MOXIE your generosity at this difficult time by giving what you could. There is no such thing as a small gift!

A special thank you to Roslyn Goldstein, Carol Rainey, Pamela J Wagner & Hans Tegebo, Martha Davis, Christina Jackson, Russell Ginns, Susan Jo Keller, Janet Worthington and Laurie Baker-Worthington, Linda Feldman, Jennifer Adams Brookover, and the many other donors who wish to remain anonymous.



A Message From MOXIE’s Executive Artistic Director Jennifer Eve Thorn

March 20th, 2020

Dear MOXIE Family,

Theatre is community. We’re working on communing with you. This message has an ask and it also has some good news. Will you stick with it for both? We could all use some good news, right?

How We’re Communing With You. The MOXIE staff are working from home and calling every single MOXIE subscriber. We’re asking about how you’re feeling, picking up tips on how to stay active, and trading ideas about how to bring theatre to you at home. People are asking how we’re doing. Thank you for that.

How We’re Doing. I’m getting real with you for a moment and then I’ll get right back to the good news we promised. Like most theatres, our income has dried up and our expenses have not. If you can afford to give, would you consider it? Here are 3 ways to help.

  • Increase or start a monthly contribution here.
  • Purchase a ticket to The MOXIES Gala here.
  • Give a one time gift here.

Now For That Good News We Promised. We’re not giving up on our next show or The MOXIE Awards. And we’re starting to produce live theatre starting next week. Curious how?

  1. The new dates for Shiv by Aditi Brennan Kapil have been shifted to May 24 – June 28, 2020. Our box office will contact you to reschedule your tickets if you already have them.
  2. The MOXIE Awards Gala & Fundraiser has moved to September 13th. Women will be honored. A party will be had. Learn more at
  3. MOXIE will begin offering live theatre starting next week. MOXIE’s ZoomFest will feature original short plays performed live from within the homes of artists. We send the link, you click and join an audience. Let’s pioneer a whole new and wild way to make theatre!

This moment in time is full of anxiety and confusion but it can also be full of hope. We’re ready to let this bring out the best in us. We’re ready to respond with moxie!

Will you join us?