MOXIE’s Anti-Racist Action Plan

Part 1 – Anti-Racists Have MOXIE

“It takes work to be a good person…You can’t just be the least bad person in a lineup and call yourself good.” — Zoe, The Niceties by Eleanor Burgess

Since its founding in 2004, MOXIE Theatre’s mission has been “to create more diverse and honest images of women for our culture.” Seeing the gender inequality in theatre inspired the founders of the organization to lead by example and hopefully inspire others in San Diego and American Theatre to take notice of the lack of equity, diversity and inclusion in our industry. In order to lead, MOXIE recognizes we must now push further and illuminate what is possible. MOXIE is inspired by our fellow theatre makers and artists across the country who are calling upon theatres to take a stand and institute Anti-Racist measures. To become fully Anti-Racist is to become the truest version of MOXIE, fully in line with our mission in a deeper way than ever before. Anti-Racism isn’t only about what we’re against. It isn’t even limited to race. Our plan to become Anti-Racist is our plan to become Radically Inclusive. Are you with us?

MOXIE’s plan is inspired by the incredible education we received from Nicole Brewer, creator of Conscientious Theatre Training and originator of the Anti-Racist Theatre (A.R.T.) Movement, and the gift of the We See You White American Theatre demands for change which we studied and translated into an action plan with our staff and board of directors. This is only the beginning of our plan which will be expanded with the wisdom gained in the coming years and with the addition of new staff, new board members and volunteers. We welcome your support, your feedback and invite you to hold us accountable as we set out to truly lift the voices of ALL women+. (Curious about the + in women+? MOXIE recognizes that marginalized genders such as transgender and cisgender women, as well as non-binary people, are underrepresented in theatre and we seek to lift their voices when we include them in our language with the +)

MOXIE acknowledges that we are on the original stolen land of the Kumeyaay people, referred to as Diegueños by the Spanish colonizers, a territory later occupied by Mexico. We acknowledge the Kumeyaay Nation spans the two countries that now form our border cities and acknowledge the Kumeyaay as the past, present and future caretakers of this land. We’re grateful to Daniel Jaquez of TuYo Theatre for helping us craft our land acknowledgement! 

Part Two – Radical Inclusivity is MOXIE

Why Radical? Can’t MOXIE just be inclusive? For MOXIE, Radical Inclusivity carries with it a shift in the power dynamic, a commitment to continuing to push the boundaries, and daring to include those who may think differently than we do. We’ve been inclusive. We haven’t been Radically Inclusive. We’re ready for this.

Radically Inclusive Opportunities for Artists 

– MOXIE will ensure at least 50% of all plays produced on our stages in a given season are written by women+ and non-binary BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) playwrights, by 2022.

– MOXIE will ensure that 50% of artistic team members hired in a given season are composed of BIPOC artists and technicians and continue our commitment to providing these opportunities to women+ first, by 2022.

– MOXIE will seek to further expand the diversity on our stages by actively seeking out trans women and women+ with disabilities, both of which have been sorely underrepresented on our stage, beginning immediately. 

– MOXIE will establish a committee on the board of directors, composed of primarily BIPOC artists and theatre professionals, who will participate in play selection, by 2022.

– MOXIE will publish on our website, at the end of each fiscal year, the total dollars earned by BIPOC artists alongside the total dollars earned by white artists, as well as the total dollars earned by women+ and non-binary artists alongside the dollars earned by men in a MOXIE season, starting in 2022.

– MOXIE will work to ensure that all artist’s work is critiqued through an anti-racist and radically inclusive lens with the following actions which are to begin immediatly:

  • MOXIE will cease offering tickets to critics whose reviews contain offensive or harmful language, or stereotyping which upholds white male theatre makers as the standard of excellence.
  • MOXIE will seek out and invite BIPOC members of the press from community publications to begin attending and reviewing MOXIE productions if they aren’t already.

– MOXIE will work to create a more just and equitable process of marketing, beginning immediately, which includes:

  • Credit for all artists who provide marketing insight into audiences they are connected with.
  • An open line of communication between marketing and artistic teams so they can provide feedback on materials. 
  • An end to using production images in marketing and fundraising materials which feature artists in productions that occurred 3 years prior to the material being created, unless the artists have given consent.

A Radically Inclusive Process of Making Art

-MOXIE will start each production process by inviting artistic teams to share their traditions and to create a common practice unique to that artistic team which welcomes the traditions of BIPOC Theatre makers and honors the plural identities of individuals, beginning immediately.

–MOXIE will ensure that creative teams undergo equity, diversity and inclusion workshops at the beginning of rehearsal processes, collect signed accountability statements from artistic teams which outline the consequences for harmful comments or behaviors and further develop our intervention and disruption protocols to ensure a safe working environment for all, by 2022.

-MOXIE will ensure that intimacy coaches and fight directors we employ have training that qualifies them to work with BIPOC artists, beginning immediately.

-MOXIE will make mental health support available for actors participating in productions with traumatizing content to protect the well being of our artists, starting in 2022.

-MOXIE will eliminate technical rehearsals that exceed 8 hours, beginning immediately.

Supporting Radically Inclusive Staff & Volunteers

-MOXIE will hire 1 new BIPOC Executive Level Leader, by 2023.

-MOXIE will create a committee on the board, with a BIPOC majority, to refresh our mission and vision to support women+ and to participate in creating a new strategic plan for MOXIE Theatre, by 2022.

-MOXIE will amend our bylaws, board requirements, and financial contribution requirements, to ensure more accessible opportunities to join our Board of Directors and MOXIE will increase the percentage of BIPOC representation on our board to 50%, by 2022.

-MOXIE will cultivate new volunteer teams of ushers and house managers, providing opportunities to underserved communities, who are trained in EDI and committed to creating a radically inclusive space where all audiences feel welcomed and honored, by 2022.

Welcoming A Radically Inclusive Audience

-MOXIE will set aside pre-sale and complimentary tickets, create tiered pricing and partner with community organizations for every production as part of our commitment to increasing diversity in our audiences, beginning immediately.

-MOXIE will remodel our bathrooms to ensure audiences of all gender identities feel safe and welcome in our space, by 2023.

-MOXIE will schedule an ASL interpreted performance for all of our future productions, beginning immediately, and will develop a plan to increase accessibility in our theatre to be published, by 2022.

-MOXIE will display in our lobby an announcement which acknowledges the history of the land on which we reside and welcomes all cultures and their unique ways of responding to and enjoying live theatre, starting immediately.