MOXIE Theatre is a professional non-profit theatre founded by the critically acclaimed group of performers and directors; Jo Anne Glover, Liv Kellgren, Delicia Turner Sonnenberg and Jennifer Eve Thorn (MOXIE’s current Executive Artistic Director) in 2005. MOXIE’s mission is to create more diverse and honest images of women for our culture using the art of theatre. Through the production of female playwrights and an emphasis on opportunities created for diverse female artists, designers and technicians, MOXIE expands the idea of what is feminine and celebrates the humanity we all share.

MOXIE fans know that each distinct MOXIE production will always share one similar quality – moxie. Moxie is defined as “force of character, determination, or nerve.” It may be the hero of a play who embodies the term moxie, or a challenging subject matter. Perhaps a playwright has invented an original world for audiences to explore, or actors are asked to stretch to new heights and break new ground in story-telling. In whatever way it is revealed, moxie is the unifying quality that defines all of our productions.



Jennifer Eve Thorn, Executive Artistic Director
Nicole Ries, Production Manager
Callie Prendiville, Associate Artistic Director
Jessamyn Foster, Sales & Marketing
Kylie Owens, Administrative Assistant and Front of House Manager
Valentina Lunati, Development Director
Nicole Cantalupo, Education Programs Manager
Jennifer Brawn Gittings, Design Ambassador
Sandra Ruiz, Casting Director
Mansi Thakar, Volunteer Coordinator

MOXIE Board of Directors

Amy Besnoy, President
Aurore E. Bewicke
John Brooks, President Emeritus
Gingy Ferguson, Treasurer
Jamie Fox
Mayra L. Garcia, Secretary
Shannon Sweeney
Rebecca Rothenberg

MOXIE Advisory Board

Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
Jo Anne Glover
Lee Ann Kim
Teresa Sapien