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Productions and Dates for Season 14: 2018/2019

Follow 5 wildly different tales that bring both fact and fiction to life in a jaw-dropping season that showcases the voices of some of the most daring and dynamic playwrights in American theatre.


Voyeurs de Venus
 by Ludia R. Diamon

Director: Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
Aug 12 – Sept 2, 2018 / Opening Night: Aug 18, 2018

Sara is an African-American scholar of pop culture trying to write a book about Saartjie Baartman, better known as the 19th-century sideshow sensation The Hottentot Venus. As the two women’s worlds collide, Sara faces a struggle: can she reveal the truth about Saartjie and still write a bestseller?

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Fade by Tanya Saracho
Director: Maria Patrice Amon
Oct. 14 – Nov. 11, 2018 | Opening Night: October 20, 2018

Mexican-born Lucia is hired to write for a ruthless Hollywood TV series. She soon discovers that the Mexican American custodian, Abel, has a windfall of plot ideas. As their friendship grows, his stories start to blur with hers leading to unexpected consequences.

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HERLAND by Grace McLoed
Director: Jennifer Eve Thorn
Jan. 20 – Feb.17, 2019 | Opening Night: January 26, 2019

Jean is in her seventies and not moving into a retirement home. She remodels her garage, recruits her best friends and a high school intern to design a bold plan for a utopian alternative. Jean’s garage is the stage for a hilarious story about growing into yourself, speaking out and getting what you want.

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Hookman by Lauren Yee
Director: Jennifer Eve Thorn
Mar. 15 – Mar. 24, 2019

Freshman year at college is hard. Your roommate is weird, you’re homesick, and a hook-handed serial killer is slashing girls’ throats. But if Lexi can discover what really happened in the car on the way to the movies, it’ll be okay. An existential slasher comedy. Yep. It’s funny. And bloody.


 by Dipika Guha
Director: Callie Prendiville
May 5 – June 2, 2019 | Opening Night: May 11, 2019

Yoga apparel giant Jojomon is at the top of their game when a terrible scandal sends them into freefall. Newly hired CEO Joan stakes everything on a wild plan to recover their earnings and their reputation. YOGA PLAY is a comedy about enlightenment in a world determined to sell it.

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